This feature is somehow available in Joomla core. But it doesn't provide the option to trigger it. I think it may be available in Joomla 3.8.

In order to remove the IDs from Joomla URL, we need to set value of variable "sef_advanced_link" to 1. We need to add the following code to administrator\components\com_content\config.xml.

By default, some files are hidden in Mac OS X. Example, if you need to upload or edit .htaccess file, you can't find it in Finder and you can't see it in FTP program.

To show all hidden file, you need to turn it on from Terminal .

Click LaunchPad > Other > Terminal

Then type the following and press Enter

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

If you are having black screen for Firefox browser after upgrading to new version, you may need to upgrade you VGA driver.

Most likely, your graphic card is using Intel HD 2000/3000 or Intel HD 4000.

Open your Device Manager windows and click on Display adapters.

Right click on your graphic adapter and select properties. Then click on Driver tab.


iOS 8 doesn't come with Myanmar Font. So, if you want to read Myanmar text in native app such as Facebook app, email and note etc.. you need to install ZawGyi font.


Ctrl + 0 to reset to default font size


click View > Zoom > Reset