Android 1.4.2 in Samsung Galaxy S3 and Android 1.4.1 in Galaxy Note 2 come with multi window feature which allows user to run and view two applications at the same time.

After you have upgraded to android 1.4.2 in S3, you can see the new icons called “Multi Window” in notification bar icons. If you can’t see it, just slide the icons to the left and you can see it.



If you can’t see the multi window bar, press and hold the return button (Touch button on right side of Home Button) and multi window bar will appear. If you want to hide this bar, you can press and hold the return button again and it will disappear.

Below screen shows the multi window in landscape mode. You can adjust the width of the application by holding and moving the bar between the applications.





The screen on the left shows the multi window in portrait mode.

One of the extra settings is you can change the notification bar icon.

Go to Settings > Display and you will see the following screen.






Click Notification Panel and you will see the following screen.


You can remove the unwanted icons from notification panel or you can rearrange the icons as you want. You can add available buttons to empty holder in notification panel too.